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Investing For The Future

By now, most of you would be aware of the latest drop in the interest rate and also be familiar with the budget released last week.

There seems to be a lot of positive feeling about at the moment in relation to the property market, which is great. The average homeowner is now considering spending money on their existing home, looking at upgrading to a new home, or even purchasing an investment property (let’s be frank, money in the bank is not earning you much at all at the moment). Keeping in mind that the property market is a very good investment and with interest rates at their current low, it is starting to entice more and more people to invest in property, which in turn will force prices to rise… so don’t be left behind! So, having said that now would be the time to act and get that extension, renovation or a new home that you have always dreamt of.

If you have already done the above and you’re in a comfortable enough position and ready to invest, why not think ahead for yourself or your family by searching for a new investment property, as who knows what the price of housing will be like in 20-30 years’ time and your children will need all the help they can get.

Another option, if your current property is very down and needs a lot of work, maybe to consider redeveloping your property as a dual occupancy or multi-unit development. Many people over the years have become wealthy just by investing in the property market.

Basically, it is a very good time to consider making the move if it is something you have been contemplating and take advantage of the interest rate drop.

Here at A.P.T. Design, Drafting & Construction P/L we would be happy to discuss any ideas you have in relation to extending and renovating your home, knocking down existing & rebuilding, or even building from scratch on a new block of land. We also specialize in obtaining planning permits for dual occupancies and multi-unit developments. We like to make it easy for our clients as we cater for all needs under one roof.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation to see what we can offer you in relation to your property and investment ideas. We’d be pleased to share with you our wealth of experience.

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