Energy Rating Reports

Energy Ratings Melbourne

What are the residential Energy Rating Melbourne requirements?


As part of the Victorian Building Regulations, all new homes (including unit developments and townhouses) must meet a required 6 Star Energy Rating. House extensions are also required to meet a minimum energy requirement based on the size of the extension versus the size of the existing residence.


Our qualified energy rating team can provide you with an energy rating report whether it be for your new home design, unit development, townhouse, or extension.


Environmental sustainability is an important issue worldwide and more & more people are paying caution to their living habits and surroundings. There are ways you can upgrade your existing home to be more sustainable which can lower the household costs for the long term. We can provide an energy rating report for your existing home and recommend ways to enhance its sustainability/energy efficiency.


If you are looking to sell your existing home, many buyers will be interested in the energy efficiency of the residence. Contact us to provide you with an energy rating certificate of your existing residence.