Mini and Tight Access Excavation in Melbourne

APT Design (excavation services) are leading mini and tight access excavation contractors in Melbourne with over 30 years of experience. We offer specialised mini excavation and garden excavation services and go where the big machines can’t and won’t.

Before a construction project begins, you need to make sure the site is free of debris. That’s where APT mini excavation contractors can help.

We will remove all dirt, soil, and rock from the land while ensuring that the land is level and ready for the construction works to begin. We can also prepare levels on-site according to design requirements in tight areas.

Mini excavation is all about moving things around in tight areas and this task uses mini excavators because of their ability to negotiate tight spaces and move around quickly. When you have a need for mini excavation in Melbourne, think of APT Design (excavation division).

Tight Access Excavation Melbourne

We are specialists in tight access excavation services. We use the best tight access equipment, mini excavators and our in-depth expertise to deliver even the most complex excavation tasks.

We can help you save valuable time with our confined space excavation services. We make sure the job is done right the first time and that our team leaves behind a mess-free site, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Landscaping and Garden Excavation Melbourne

Transform your backyard or garden into a usable space to relax, entertain guests or spend quality time with family. Contact APT for landscaping or garden excavation for your new home design or business anywhere in Melbourne.

Concrete Removal and Excavation Preparation

APT can also provide removal of concrete driveways, crossovers, and pathways, etc. and prepare for new driveways and pathways as per client requirements for the process of new concrete.

Footing Slabs and Foundation Excavation

APT’s experienced operators perform all types of strip footings, slab and foundation excavation that your project calls for. We are a construction-based company familiar with reading and working off plans.

Trench Excavation

This is a popular mini excavation task that we provide. This involves excavating ditches for placing underground utility cables such as storm water pipes, water lines, and sewer drains.


This is an essential requirement before the excavation project begins. Whether you’re excavating for a swimming pool or anything else, the land must be cleared of all plants, shrubs, and rocks.

At APT Design, we have special mini excavators for such tasks. Our mini excavators can find their way into any area with limited access.

Swimming Pool Excavation

We excavate swimming pools to the highest standards of quality. Our operators can excavate pools of all types of soil conditions.

Standard Doorway Excavation

APT can provide professional excavation through a standard doorway. Why waste time doing it yourself when our experts can help you save time and hassle.

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We ensure complete satisfaction on every mini excavation and house plans job no matter the scale or size of the project. Contact us today for a free quote. Call 0431 758 360 or (03) 9398 3277 now.

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